The unique steinmüller.boiler is the key player in the energy recovery process: our steinmüller.boiler systems are efficiently producing steam under various conditions regarding corrosion, slagging, stress, part load conditions and overall system dynamics. Focusing on Waste to Energy, the plant is able to ameliorate waste volume reduction, and in turn, produce steam to recover the energy of hot gases released from the combustion process.

Passing through the steinmüller.boiler, the flue gases are amply cooled, as feed water is heated and evaporated to generate an abundance of steam, before being superheated and being used to produce electrical power and district heat. Using large boiler systems with high of steam flow, improved circuit designs, and ensuring optimum energy utilisation (through measures on the cold end), electrical net efficiencies of over 30% have now become reality.

At HZI Steinmüller, adaptability is paramount. We are currently developing tailored systems, all of which are designed to operate in accordance with the varying calorific values and to function in dynamic operating conditions as well. These innovations not only prolong the service life of the steinmüller.boiler, but ensure a reputable timespan between each service stops.


Strong Reliability

To provide strongly reliable steinmüller.boiler systems we take care of every aspect: boiler layout, heating surface sequencing, material choice, detail construction and protection of heating surfaces from corrosion attack are typically considered during the design phase.

Throughout operation, our After Sales Service carries out thorough inspections, numerous safety checks and maintenance work, ensuring all requirements are constantly met to prevent any deviations from expected operation.

Hitachi Zosen Inova Steinmüller

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