Steinmüller Babcock licenses technology for China

Gummersbach, 3. September 2018. HZI Steinmüller GmbH, based in Gummersbach, has once again allocated a know-how license for the use of one of its key technologies in the Chinese market. An agreement has been reached with the Düsseldorf-based company Aetna International GmbH, which allows Aetna to set up plants for the thermal treatment of hazardous and industrial waste by a local subsidiary in China.

The subject of the contract is the so-called “rotary kiln technology” which ensures with its very high temperatures a safe destruction of all organic substances. At the same time energy in the form of steam or electricity can be obtained from polluted, contaminated or mixed waste. The technology will make it possible to comply with the stringent European directives on hazardous waste treatment in future also in China. Aetna International will build a first plant in Huantai County in Shandong Province, China, in which the hazardous waste from local chemical companies will be disposed of in an environmentally sound manner. The project start will be already within the next few weeks. Aetna International will get technological support for the application of the technology by Steinmüller Babcock. In future, Aetna will distribute and realise the technology independently.

On August 20th, the official presentation of the cooperation took place in Duesseldorf. In addition to the representatives of Steinmüller Babcock, Aetna International and Dongyue Group, high-ranking guests from China were also present, such as Jiangfeng Bian, the head of the People’s Government of Huantai County, Dong Lu, the director of the Economy and Information Bureau of Huantai County, and representatives of the Huantai-based companies and commercial agencies.

Photo: Meeting in Duesseldorf (from left to right) in the front row Mr. Weimin An (Aetna International GmbH), Mr. Xiuyuan Yu (Shandong Dongyue Chemical Co., Ttd.); in the back row Mr. Shubing Song (Shandong Wanji Plastic Co., Ltd), Mr. Xinbao Wang (Zibo Boxin Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd.), Mr. Zhiyuan Chen (CPC Committee of Tangshan Town, Huantai County), Dr. Jens Sohnemann (HZI Steinmüller GmbH), Mrs. Jiangfeng Bian (People´s Government of Huantai County), Dr. Gert Riemenschneider (HZI Steinmüller GmbH), Mr. Dong Luo (Economy and Information Bureau of Huantai County), Mr. Wei Zhang (Shandong Jintai Rolls Co., Ltd.), Mr. Dianbin Cui (Commerce Bureau of Huantai County).